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Kaito KA007L AM FM SW TV Weather VHF Dynamo Solar Powered Emergency Radio, With 8 Super bright LED lights
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Kaito KA007L AM FM SW TV Weather VHF Dynamo Solar Powered Emergency Radio, With 8 Super bright LED lights

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This emergency radio has more options and a better price and a smaller size than competing products. Great for people in the military because you don't need external batteries, and you can pick up Voice of America and many other international shortwave broadcasts virtually anywhere in the world, land or sea. This radio will also let you listen to local TV stations(audio), VHF(public service band), and government weather information frequencies. Covered by one year limited Mfg Warranty. The unit has been purchaced by the U.S. and U.K Military. The KA007L model also includes 8 super bright LED lights. they are forward facing located in the handle. Bright enough to navigate your way out of trouble or read instuctions etc. LEDs and radio are powered by all means below. Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal NI-MH Batteries. Solar Power: You can play this Radio with the direct Sun or charge the NI-MH batteries. With 12 hours in the Sun, you get 6-8 hours playing. Batteries: 3 AA batteries allow you to play the Radio the old fashioned way. Or use the built in NI-MH batteries 6 hours charging = 48 hours playing Electric : With the included adapter, you can play or charge with 110V electricity. Specifications: AM -- 525 ------1710KHz, FM -- 88-- – 108 MHz WEATHER Band 162.550- 162.525 MHz TV1: Channel 2 - 6 *Analog signals only TV2: Channel 7- 13 *Analog signals only *many normal TV channels switched to digital only. Some low power U.S. and English TV broadcasts from Mexico did not. VHF(145-175 MHz, Weather, Taxi, and Police) 4 Continuous short wave bands: SW1 :4.90 - 9.00 MHz SW2: 9.00 - 13.50MHz SW3: 13.50 - 17.50MHz SW4: 17.50 - 22.00 MHz (Covers most of the world stations) The KA007L is only 6 1/2”X5 1/2”X 2 1/4” so it is small enough to take everywhere. AC/DC adapter, Earphone and Soft Antenna included. Click here to see a MSNBC news photo of this radio being used in Afghanistan.


Best Radio for any Emergency or Disaster - Thousand Sold to US Army & UK Army

Wide Frequency range for Emergency AM/FM/SW/TV/Weather band radio

Handy 4 power sources Solar, dynamo wind up, battery, AC adaptor

Built-in Internal NiMH battery pack rechargeable via Wind-up Dynamo Cranking System

Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty

Product Details:
Product Length: 6.5 inches
Product Width: 2.25 inches
Product Height: 5.5 inches
Product Weight: 0.75 pounds
Package Length: 8.7 inches
Package Width: 5.9 inches
Package Height: 3.2 inches
Package Weight: 1.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 26 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 26 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

39 of 40 found the following review helpful:

3Adequate, but not excellentAug 14, 2005
By J. Leonard
I received my Kaito KA007 radio this week. Generally it is a good radio for the purpose. The plastic case and dynamo crank do not seem to be very sturdy, but is probably sufficient if not abused. I chose it over the Grundig FR200 because it also covered weather and TV bands. After a few days of use, these are my conclusions. The TV band reception is reasonably good, and I was generally surprised at how much SW I could pick up with just the little telescopic antenna. The dynamo charging system seems to work well. I haven't tried charging the batteries with solar power yet. FM and AM reception seem pretty good. Other than the lack of sturdiness, I am disappointed with the weather radio reception and the size of the tuning dial. The small tuning dial (about the size of a nickel) makes fine tuning difficult and tuning of the NOAA weather stations almost impossible.

I'm still mixed as to whether I would have been better off with the FR200. If Grundig would add a couple more bands of coverage to their product and keep the price the same (around $40-$50), then they would clearly have a superior product. Their radio is not incredibly sturdy either, but it seems able to take a little more beating than this one. Nevertheless, this is a reasonably good radio. The price I paid ($49.95) is possibly a little more than this radio should sell for. Just don't select this radio for its weather band capability unless you have an exceptionally good signal in your area.

38 of 40 found the following review helpful:

4A very good ideaApr 10, 2005
By Drive-In-Freak
Somebody had a very good idea with this radio.It's not the best built thing in the world,in fact you may just want to get two just in case.

No to sound paranoid,but......In this day and age you just never know what will happen.In a worst case scenario this little radio would very usefull if not a necessity.It's betteridea to have more than just am and fm if you want to be informed.Not only will this radio work long after the batteries are dead,but it can recieve many bands.Not only can you hear am and fm ,but weather,shortwave,vhf tv,and what could just be the most important the 2M amateur band. Why is the 2M band so important? In an emergency situation amateur radio operators are vital at passing along information to emergency services,FEMA Red Cross,National Weather Service,ect.

Here's what you get:

A hand crank to power the radio when there is no power source and it's dark

A solar cell to get power from the sun

TV 1/FM- CH 2-6 and 88-108 MHz

TV 2- CH 7-13

AM(MW)530-1710 Khz

VHF Hi 143-174 MHz (2M amateur,public service (possably fire,law enforcement,ambulance),and National Weather Service

SW 4.5 - 22 MHz (worldwide broadcast/long distance Voice of America,BBC,ect.)

How does it work?

At it's price you can't expect the best radio in the world. Reception is not the best,but adequate for what it is.Lots of images on all bands,and the am is barn-door wide,but I have worse performing radios.The hand crank genorator is not the clockwork generator found in most Baygen/Freeplay radios,but it gets the job done.I say despite it's drawbacks,it is well worth the price.It just might save your life or be your only form of communication. Better safe than sorry.Not that I think it will fall apart,but I got two of them just in case something should happen to the first one....8)

16 of 16 found the following review helpful:

4Good deal for the money spentSep 30, 2005
By S W
I bought a KA007 and a Grundig FR200. I oughta return the FR200.

The Kaito 007 wins hands down. It actually DOES play on sunlight alone, and being in W. TX we have plenty of that.

The only thing the Kaito 007 could use some improvement is the tuner. The two-stage tuner on the FR200 is better/ more finely adjustable.

Perhaps it's unfair to compare the two since the Grundig isn't made with solar-power capability. For $10 more, it's nice to have solar charging.


13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Great compact radio for every day use.Feb 22, 2007
By Bortz "bortzyboy"
This is a great little radio and is more compact than I envisioned it being from the picture found here. My wife had bought me a Eton/Grundig FR-300 but the generator handle stripped out after about a week's worth of use. Since I loved the weather band on that radio before it broke, I was on a quest to replace the Grundig with something more reliable. I didn't even care if it cost more, I was after quality. I spotted the KA007 here and read reviews here and elsewhere and decided what the heck, why not order one. When it arrived, I found it to be a much lower profile radio than the Eton model and it also has more bells and whistles for a lower price than the Eton. The radio is able to recieve a lot of stations in my area and the weather band gets the weather station for our area very strong and clear. The short wave, TV and AM/FM bands all work well also.

Battery life is excellent with this radio. I'd say you can get about a months worth of use out of three long life alkaline name brand batteries with the radio being played an average of a 1/2 hr to 2 hrs. per day.

One thing to note is that the a/c adapter will charge up the built in NiMH battery pack so you may want to run it off batteries or solar so you don't wear out the battery pack as quickly. That's just a speculation though and the battery pack may still last a long time even though the adapter does charge it up every time it's plugged in. Since I want to be able to use the crank feature in an emergency, I just didn't want to chance killing the battery pack by keeping a high charge on it all the time when I can just as easily use the radio on batteries and not chance killing that internal battery when I need it the most.

I don't really have any real complaints on this radio. Some things that might concern others are that the radio has a relatively small on/off/volume knob and the tuning dial is spaced rather tight with no fine tuning option like on the Eton models. This radio offers good bang for the buck. I think the majority of people looking for a compact, quality emergency radio will be pleased with this. Oh, and unlike the Eton's, the crank handle recesses nicely into the back of the radio for a nice compact profile, unlike the Etons, which stick out of the side and just look plain ugly in that position. One good thing about the Eton though- the cloth carrying case the Eton came in from LL Bean, fits the Kaito perfectly. So the Eton wasn't a total bust. (grin).

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

4Reliable radioDec 15, 2006
By R. Mills
This radio has performed well for over 3 years for me. I use it when I am in my garden. The sound level and clarity is very good when used in the solar mode. I live in Southern California on the coast and on most days

I have no problem using solar mode even when it is a little overcast. I am going to buy another for my friend in South America who does not have electricity.

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