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The AccudotTM Laser Bore Sight by Yukon Advanced Optics® provides the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in rifles of all types. Simply chamber the bore sight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will show exactly where the rifle is aiming; it's easy to sight in any scope without firing a single shot. Live fire is only needed to fine tune the weapon being sighted in order to compensate for inconsistencies, such as bullet drop due to distance. Perfect for hunters, competitive shooters and law enforcement, the AccudotTM laser bore sight is sure to take the frustration out of sighting in almost any gun. It's easy to use and will quickly save both time and money by avoiding prolonged live fire tests at the range; use the extra ammo for honing those shooting skills and for the hunt. A lightweight carrying pouch protects the laser for convenient use in the field. The AccudotTM Laser Bore Sight is available in several calibers and gages for use with all the most popular rifles and shotguns. FEATURES* Precision accuracy * Reliable and durable * Fastest gun zeroing and sighting system * Reduce wasted cartridges and shells * Compact and lightweight * Easy to pack and travel * Comes with a carrying case SPECIFICATIONS   Laser wavelength, nm 632 - 650   LED type visible red laser   Power, MW < 5   Battery 3x LR41   Battery life about 1 hour   Range for sighting, yards 15 - 100   Dot size 2” at 100 yards   Operation On / Off end cap   Construction brass   Temperature, F 14 to 122 Compatible Calibers: 12 GA Included Accessories: Battery pack Carrying case

Product Details:
Product Length: 2.75 inches
Product Width: 1.0 inches
Product Height: 0.85 inches
Product Weight: 0.24 pounds
Package Length: 9.1 inches
Package Width: 5.6 inches
Package Height: 1.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 101 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 101 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

32 of 32 found the following review helpful:

5Is Tough, Accurate and Does the JobJan 07, 2012
By Michael D. Dadiego "Mike D"
I already own two other caliber Sightmark laser bore sights, so it was not a hard decision to purchase this one. Although some review made various complaints...E.g. "It is not accurate...I rotate it and it does not stay on point" - not true with any of my Sightmarks. "The battery runs out.." Hello! Its not a laser sight...use and stow. "It jams when I load it"...well, first, WHY would anyone load it like a load?? Place it in the bore...it's a piece of electronics, not ammo! "I can't use it in day light". Ug, I have a Mossberg 500 JIC, made for CQC or home defense. With that, I only need 25 yards. I had NO problem sighting it in, upon my drive way, at a white garage door. Anyways, I'll put to rest all three of those complaints (at least in my controlled tests)...I kept it on way more that I should, for the purpose of OVERUSING it (I needed to sight in my holographic red dot and laser)...there was NO noticable drop in battery life or laser output. I then put the unit in the chamber, secured the gun and rotated the sight 360 degrees (twice)...no change in placement of dot!. I then chamber the unit 12 times in a row like a shell (good hard slams), no jams or failure...even rechecked the alignment again. Dead on. Last I stood the full 150 feet of my drive way in daylight, and saw the dot! In close, everyone do/buy what you want, but Sightmark is the ONLY laser bore light I will ever own. P.S., for those that want an on/off switch and don't like twisting the cap or removing the batteries for storage... "oh please....I won't even comment on that". This is NOT a toy. I am not knocking anyones past experience. This is only mine...for what it is worth.

37 of 40 found the following review helpful:

5Works great. The larger AG13 alkaline batteries last longer than the AG5 batteries for the smaller caliber SightmarksSep 25, 2011
By DarthRad
I have four of the Sightmark laser boresights - the 12 gauge, 9mm, 7.62x39mm, and .223.

I had used a Bushnell laser boresight before getting this set of chamber loaded laser boresights. The Bushnell is the kind that you stick into the muzzle end of the gun, fitted with an arbor matched to the barrel size. The problem with this device was that the arbors never fit quite right - they were always either too tight or too loose, plus you had to try to seat the body of the boresight in the center of the opening of the barrel (or muzzle brake) in order to properly align the center axis of the boresight with the center axis of the barrel. This rarely if ever happened just right as the slightest tilt in the seating of this boresight in the barrel would take it off the center axis so that rotating the laser would cause the laser light to mark out a small circle that was several MOA in diameter rather than being dead centered. Ugh.

Of course with these chamber loaded laser boresights, there is also the potential for the lasers to be mis-aligned off the center axis. Plus there is the potential for the boresight to not fit the chamber properly. The key is to find a brand that has a measure of quality control so that you aren't stuck with these problems.

I read through a lot of reviews before deciding on Sightmark. It is definitely not the cheapest out there. There are so many different brands and generic versions of these chamber loaded laser boresights now that almost look alike, with many much cheaper than the Sightmark. However, it was clear from reading the reviews that as the prices went down, so did the quality control. Several of these cheaper brands came with complaints that the lasers were not aligned to the center axis (resulting in the laser painting a circle as it rotates in the chamber) or that they did not fit properly in the chambers and so would either get stuck or wiggle.

I have this theory that the really cheap laser boresights must be factory seconds or some such.

I considered the Osprey line with the adjustable arbors, which saves money by allowing you to use one laser bore sight for different calibers. But, the reviews indicated that hassling with arbors would have an effect on accuracy and reliability.

I almost got the Firefield, which seemed to have a similar number of decent reviews. Ultimately I decided against it because the entire line is made of an aluminum shell, and I think the brass shell of the Sightmark will hold up better.

It should be noted, however, that the 12 gauge Sitemark is made out of aluminum, unlike the others, and is only painted a brass color.

The biggest complaint against all of these laser boresighters are the frequent DOA batteries and poor battery life. The Sightmarks all come with alkaline button cell batteries. The small caliber ones (9mm, 7.62mm, .223) come with two AG5 batteries while the 12 gauge came with three AG13 (LR44) batteries.

To get you all confused, the printed information on the back of the packaging for the 7.62mm and .223 says you can use 3 AG3 batteries in place of the 2 AG5 batteries (since the AG3 is a thinner battery with the same 7.9mm diameter), while the printed info for the 12 gauge says you can use 2 AG5 or 3 AG13 batteries. This is flat out incorrect since 2 AG5 batteries are too small to fit into the 12 gauge Sightmark battery chamber.

Confused? Go to wikipedia and look up the article "List of battery sizes". Scroll down to the section titled "Silver oxide and alkaline cells". The table lists all the different names for each battery, their dimensions, and their mAh power rating. Note how the silver oxide batteries contain 1-1/2 to two times as much energy as the alkaline batteries.

So the key is to go out and get some silver oxide button batteries, size SG5 for the AG5 powered Sightmarks and SG13 for the AG13 powered lasers. And don't go to your nearest retail store, since that will cost you an arm and a leg. Google shop for these batteries online. I found two Made in China "brands" one called Vinnic and another by Chung Pak Battery Works which were pretty cheap. The names aren't important, since I'm sure they will change rapidly. Just remember to get some silver oxide batteries online at the same time you are getting these Sightmark bore sights.

How well did these Sightmarks work? The very first time I used one (the 7.62x39mm), I plugged in the included AG5 alkaline batteries and the resulting laser light was exceedingly weak. My initial reaction was that this was a bad laser. Then I remembered the silver oxide batteries I had gotten. When I switched out the batteries, the laser suddenly glowed brightly. Later, when this set of silver batteries finally wore down, the laser light faded again. That's a sign to change batteries.

The larger AG13 alkaline batteries for the 12gauge shotgun boresight worked reasonably well and are still working as of this writing. Not surprising, since these batteries pack a lot more energy than the small AG5 batteries.

As many have noted, the Sightmarks do not have an on-off switch. Once the batteries are screwed in the laser light is on! This is just as well, since the bore sights have to flush fit inside the chamber of the barrel and endure having the bolt and firing pin slammed into them. But you do have to have a plan of action ready so as to not run down your batteries. With one pair of SG5 silver oxide batteries, I was able to adjust the sights for about four guns, each taking about 5-10 minutes. So I am guesstimating a battery life of about 30 minutes with a fresh pair of SG5 silver batteries (the Sightmark packaging claims up to an hour of battery life - hah!).

All of the Sightmarks have fit in well, none have gotten stuck (so far), and none have had off-center lasers.

These chamber loaded Sightmark boresighters make it easy to dial in a scope, and for fixed sights, they help confirm the aim points. They are much better than the muzzle loaded bore sights, although the total cost is a lot more since they are ammo caliber specific.

13 of 14 found the following review helpful:

4Good 12Ga laser sighting toolJan 28, 2011
By ViragoMan
I've used this laser to align the laser on my tactical shotgun for home defense distances. Just turn it on, chamber it, turn the tactical laser on, then adjust tactical laser to match at longest distance in your home. Have also used this laser to sight in my 24" rifled barrel and 3-9X scope at 100yds. Even in bright daylight this laser can be used to illuminate targets at 100 yards by using highly reflective film (like the Texas motor cycle registration tag stickers that are voided when you renew your vehicle registration). The target center clearly blossoms red when the laser strikes the reflective label (even in bright daylight).

8 of 10 found the following review helpful:

3It's nice... when it works.Oct 11, 2012
By Jason Braucht
I bought this last fall to help sight in the rifled barrel on my 12ga. I tested it quick after I took it out of the box and the laser lit up so I packed it into my gear bag and headed out to the range. While I was trying to sight in my gun I kept having trouble with the laser turning off. I'd tighten the cap to turn on the laser, then I'd put it into the chamber and the laser would turn off. I dismissed it as bad batteries and sighted in the gun without the boresight.

I put brand new batteries in the boresight this fall and the laser lit right up. Put it in the chamber and the laser turned off. Checked the boresight to make sure the cap was on tight, still no laser. Shook it a little and the laser turned on. After removing and reinstalling the batteries several times, the laser still shuts off at random. Eventually I managed to get it in the gun with the laser on but using this boresight has been frustrating at best. Chambering the boresight is more than enough jostling to cause the laser to switch on/off.

Sightmark's warranty backs these products for three years, however according to their website, it is "only valid if the product is registered within 30 days after the product has been purchased". Hopefully I registered this when I bought it! When I called Sightmark's technical support group, the gentleman I spoke with was very friendly but as I expected, he told me that I'd need to send the unit in for repairs.

+ Feels sturdy and generally well built
+ Fits snugly into the bore
+ Laser aims true at 50 yards

- Even with new batteries, the laser can be difficult to see in full daylight
- The unit I received seems to have some sort of defect which causes the laser to shut off at random
- There are no markings on or in the boresight indicating the size of batteries or which direction they are to be installed (this is fairly minor)

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

1Not so accurate.Nov 15, 2013
By Jamie
I'm new to shotguns and scopes, but I've used a laser bore sighter for my .308 win with positive results. I bought an H&R Ultraslugger Deluxe in 12 guage (rifled barrel), and a $200 Nikon Scope. I went to my local indoor range and put the target out to 50 yards (the max distance for that range). I put in the Sightmark 12Ga Boresight and peered through the scope. It was way off, so I adjusted it so the bullseye of the scope matched the laser point. So, I assume that when I shoot these high end Hornady SST slugs, they should be grouped near the bullseye within inches. I used sandbags to stabilize the shotgun. They were punching holes to the lower left of the target, far from the bullseye. After considerable adjustments to the scope, I finally got it to group near the bullseye. I have to think that the boresight is loose enough in the barrel to be off a little, and you shouldn't trust it at 50 yards. I don't know how else to explain why it wasn't more accurate. Any thoughts? Please reply.

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